One of the most popular career choices nowadays is being an arborist. For those who don’t know what it is, an arborist is a person who cares for and maintains trees. If you want to become one, here are eight reasons why you should:

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1) Arborists have flexible schedules

In this generation where people value work-life balance, being an arborist gives you that flexibility. While there are still companies that require employees to put in 40 hours a week, there are others that hire only on a contractual basis.

In other words, as long as you get your tasks done and meet your deadlines, they won’t mind if you choose not to work overtime or take shorter breaks than usual. You can have the freedom to do other things you enjoy, like spending time with family and friends.

2) Arborists have low entry requirements

Unlike being a nurse or a doctor, there are no set educational requirements for someone to become an arborist. You just need to enrol in training programs that are recognized by the Department of Labor, commit around 40 hours every week, learn new things on your own, and most importantly – meet deadlines. That’s pretty much it!

If you don’t have formal education but still want to pursue this career path, you can always study tree care books on your own or take online courses. The internet has made it possible for anyone willing to learn about something new to do so at their convenience.

3) It’s a stable line of work

Even though there is an increasing demand for arborists, it’s still considered a “green” and steady career. The Bureau of Labor Statistics released data in 2012 showing that employment opportunities for those who want to be an arborist will increase by about 16 per cent from 2010 to 2020. It also stated that those who will be working as tree trimmers and pruners can expect their average salaries to significantly rise.

4) You get your hands dirty

Every day you go to work, you’ll be working outside where fresh air awaits you – no more going into stuffy offices every morning! You’ll also get to interact with nature daily, which is a lot healthier for you compared to being surrounded by computers and cubicles all the time. You’ll also never be bored as different tasks need to be done over a day, from inspecting trees to removing dead branches.

5) Arborists have great work perks

In some companies, employees get free Christmas presents, monetary bonuses during special occasions, and even tickets to exotic locations or sporting events. Some employers also give their employees a flexible spending account for medical expenses – talk about going above and beyond!

There are even firms out there that provide healthcare benefits – with no co-pay – for their employees and their families. In addition, they hire lawyers who can handle matters regarding employment law. If your company does not offer any of these things, you can always ask for them! There’s a good chance they’ll say yes.

6) It’s a family-friendly job

If you’re currently thinking about getting into the workforce and don’t want to bring your young children with you while at work, being an arborist is perfect. Since most companies give their employees flexible working hours, you get to pick and choose when to go to work and when not to. You can even take the afternoon off if your kid has school tours or parent-teacher conferences; no one will reprimand you for it.

This career choice also allows both parents and spouses (if applicable) to work together and earn money for their families. Not only will everyone appreciate this, but you’ll have a lot of time to spend with your loved ones when you’re not busy.

7) There are better job opportunities out there for arborists

Some people may think that arborists only have two options in terms of career paths: either they work for a corporation or start their own business. However, this is not the case! You can always become an arborist working consultant if you’re interested in teaching others about proper tree care.

You’ll also find jobs at botanical gardens, where you get to manage and maintain their plant collection while educating the public about it. There are even government agencies out there who want to hire forestry experts! If you want better job opportunities with outstanding working conditions then perhaps this would be a good fit for you.

If all else fails…

If none of these reasons caught your interest and made you consider becoming an arborist, then perhaps this will. The job outlook for this profession is almost guaranteed to be positive in the coming years! This means that there will always be a need for people who are qualified enough to perform tree trimming and removal tasks. You’ll also find that having an arborist diploma can help you land better jobs with higher salaries. For more information about 

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