You might be wondering if you need a tax accountant. Maybe it’s just too expensive to get one. That may be true, but there are reasons why you should find the money and hire an accountant to help you with your taxes. An accountant can save you money by making sure that you don’t miss any opportunities for your refund or pay less than what you owe in taxes because of issues like wrong filing status, failing to report income, etc.

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Here are 8 reasons why taxpayers must have an accountant when filing their tax returns:

1) The chance to get big refunds – You could get back hundreds or thousands of dollars if you do your taxes! Using online calculators like this one can provide incorrect information and you could end up with a bigger refund than what is owed, which means you get money back from the government when it’s not necessary.

2) Filing a wrong return can cost you money – If you file your taxes incorrectly, then the IRS has three years to correct that information. If they find out that the information on your tax return was incorrect after more than two years have passed, then they can come after you for this extra money plus additional interest and penalties on top of it.

Additionally, hiring an accountant ensures that all of your forms are filled out correctly because they will use professional software or tax preparations services like this one to make sure everything is done right!

3) Not reporting all of your income – You might think that it’s okay to leave out a source of income that gets you more than $400, but if the IRS finds out about that unreported income then they’ll come after you. It is also possible for you to accidentally not include something like an itemized deduction or credit.

4) Not having all of your forms – There are several forms associated with filing taxes, but most people don’t know what they are or where to find them (the forms page on the IRS website is pretty complicated). When doing their taxes, many people make mistakes because they simply couldn’t find everything needed to give themselves their best chance at getting all of their deductions and credits!

5) Making math mistakes Putting incorrect numbers into the wrong line on your tax forms is a common mistake. Even if you are not doing your taxes, this can lead to you paying too much in taxes or getting less of a refund than what you are owed.

6) Failing to track deductible expenses – If you want to take advantage of deductions for things like charitable donations, medical expenses, etc. then it’s time to start tracking these numbers! An accountant will usually have easy-to-use software that can help track all deductible expenses throughout the year so when the time comes they’ll be ready.

7) Your ireturns could get selected for verification – When filing online, some errors are caught by programs before being submitted. This helps ensure accuracy but it could also lead to your return being selected for verification. If that happens, then an accountant can help you avoid the headache of putting together all of your financial records quickly and accurately because they will have done this many times before!

8) You could still be charged additional fees – No matter how careful you are when it comes to preparing or filing your taxes, if your return is selected for an audit by the IRS then a tax professional can help you during the process. Even if it turns out that everything on your return was done right, sometimes other fees get charged to taxpayers whose returns were audited. An accountant can make sure that you don’t end up with unexpected expenses!

If any of these sound familiar to reasons why you might need a tax accountant, then it’s worth hiring one for this tax season to make sure that you are getting the most accurate information possible!

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