One of the most popular questions we get asked is whether white gold rings are right for everyone. The simple answer is no. While white gold is a beautiful option for many people, some should steer clear. 

Here are 12 false claims about white gold rings:

1. White Gold Rings Are Only For Those With Cool Skin Tones.


Wrong! White gold looks gorgeous on all skin tones, from the palest to the deepest. It’s all about finding the right shade of white gold to complement your complexion.

2. White Gold Rings Require More Maintenance Than Other Metals.


Not necessarily! With proper care, white gold rings can last a lifetime. Just be sure to have them professionally cleaned and re-plated every few years to keep them looking their best.

3. White Gold Rings Are Prone To Scratching.


Any ring can scratch, no matter what the metal is. However, white gold is more resistant to scratching than other metals like platinum or silver.

4. White Gold Rings Are Expensive.


This isn’t necessarily true. The price of white gold varies depending on the purity of the metal and the complexity of the design. You can find beautiful white gold rings at all price points. In general, however, white gold is comparable in price to yellow gold and other metals.

5. White Gold Rings Are Only For Special Occasions.


Wrong! White gold is a versatile metal that can be worn for any occasion, from everyday casual to black tie formal.

6. White Gold Rings Need To Be Worn With Other White Gold Jewellery.


Nope! White gold looks great in all colours, including yellow gold, rose gold, and even silver.

7. White Gold Rings Are Difficult To Resize.


Resizing any ring can be tricky, but white gold is no more difficult to resize than any other metal. Just be sure to take it to a qualified jeweller who has experience working with white gold.

8. White Gold Rings Turn Yellow Over Time.


Again, this isn’t the case. White gold is an alloy of metal, so it’s natural for it to change colour slightly over time. White gold rings are designed to keep their colour for many years they can last a lifetime if properly cared for. The best way to care for your white gold ring is to have it regularly cleaned and polished by a professional jeweller and re-plated every few years.

9. White Gold Rings Are Delicate.


Wrong! This simply isn’t true. White gold is a strong and durable metal that can withstand everyday wear. The main difference between white gold and other metals is the way it’s alloyed. White gold is alloyed with nickel, palladium or zinc to give it its distinctive colour, while yellow gold is alloyed with copper or silver. Just be sure to have it professionally cleaned and inspected regularly to ensure that any scratches or damage are repaired quickly.


10. White Gold Rings Are Boring.


Not! White gold is a beautiful, timeless metal that can be crafted into any style of ring. Whether you prefer a simple band or an intricate design, there’s a white gold ring out there for you.

11. White Gold Is Not As Popular As Other Metals.


This may have been true in the past, but it is no longer the case. White gold is now one of the most popular metals for engagement rings and other jewellery.

12. White Gold Is Not A Good Investment.


This is yet another myth about white gold. In reality, white gold can be a great investment. The value of white gold tends to increase over time, so it’s a wise choice for those looking to invest in fine jewellery.

If you’re considering buying a men’s white gold ring, don’t let these myths stop you. White gold is a beautiful and timeless metal that can last a lifetime. Just be sure to do your research and choose a reputable jeweller to ensure you’re getting the best quality ring possible.


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