The term microblading is a form of tattoo artistry in which the practitioner uses a handheld tool to draw on individual, hair-like strokes that create the look of fuller brows.

Microblading is an alternative to eyebrow embroidery — also known as feathering — and similar to micro shading and micro feathering, two other cosmetic tattoos procedures used to mimic real hair rather than actual permanent makeup.

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Like conventional lash and brow tinting and semi-permanent lip colour, it gives you lash or brow enhancement without having permanent makeup applied. However, while each method can achieve similar results, there are important differences between them all. Microblading has become very popular these days because this procedure makes your eyebrows look very natural and gives the illusion of thicker eyebrows.

Before you decide to go under the microblading procedure, you need to understand that this method does come with some risks. While it’s true that this hair-stroke technique can produce beautiful results, you also need to realize that there are some drawbacks associated with it as well. To help guide you better in your decision-making process, here are some of the pros and cons of microblading:


The Pros 

1)When done by a professional who specializes in cosmetic tattooing like Board Certified Permanent Makeup Artist Micah Hair – Hennessee, eyebrow embroidery (aka microblading) looks amazing! The results are amazing and very natural looking. 

2)Eyebrow embroidery can also be used to fill in sparse patches of eyebrows which makes them look thicker 

3)It is perfect for people who have over-tweezed, waxed or threaded their brows, causing them to thin out 

4) Eyebrow embroidery only takes about an hour tops!

Cons Of Microblading 

1) There is a risk of infection from the tattoo needle 

2) The colour fades quickly if not done by a professional 

3) You still need to use makeup every day 

4) It may take several touchups before you get the desired result 

5)The cost is steep compared to other eyebrow tattoos 

6). If done incorrectly, it will fade and the look will not be natural

The Risks Although microblading is a relatively safe procedure, there are some risks to consider. 

1. Possible Infection: 

This risk is similar to any other tattoo or medical procedure involving breaking the skin and drawing blood: if your practitioner does not follow proper sanitary procedures, or you have an allergy that prevents you from safely undergoing the process, there’s a chance of infection from the needle—although this is unlikely. 

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2. Color Fade: 

While modern cosmetic tattoo pigments are generally considered “permanent,” every person heals slightly differently after getting a new tattoo, and colour can fade over time. It’s important to go with a trusted technician who uses high-quality ink in a sterile needle. 

3. Continued Makeup Use: 

As with any permanent make-up, you still need to regularly apply your cosmetics every day as normal – although microblading is a more natural way to fill in sparse brows than using eyebrow pencils or powders.

4. Lack of Results:

 In the worst-case scenario, if done incorrectly—or by someone whose skills just aren’t up to snuff—the results can be less-than-perfect and not entirely convincing. This isn’t an issue limited to eyebrow embroidery, either; it’s possible for semi-permanent lip colours, lash tints or other cosmetic tattoos procedures to look unnatural as well. 

5) High Cost: 

The cost of getting this procedure done by a professional is significantly higher than the alternatives. While eyebrow embroidery costs about $2-$3 per square centimetre, lash tints cost around $26 per session, and semi-permanent lip colour only runs about $30.

6) Lack of Training: 

Some eyebrow tattoo artists offer training courses to learn how to perform this service; however, it takes years of practice before you can confidently draw on brows that look completely natural. It’s recommended that you find out how much experience your artist has before plunking down any cash for their services.

The Resolution 

The new technique called “microblading” fills in eyebrows with tiny hairlike strokes using one or more very fine needles, each loaded with pigment. That method has started to replace some forms of eyebrow tattooing, which had faded in popularity due to the poor results that often resulted from home kits or ill-performed tattoos.

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