Are you finding it hard to choose the right UTE tray for your truck or ute? Trust us! You aren’t alone in this and countless other individuals are going through the same dilemma. The reason is that choosing the right UTE tray is a complex and challenging task because of the availability of different options, designs, and brands/suppliers. These trays allow you to move cargo easily no matter which object you need to carry along such as camping equipment, tools or construction equipment, livestock, and bulk shopping.

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So, whether you are planning to purchase a brand new UTE or want to refurbish an old one, choosing to get the truck’s rear side customized to add value is always a good idea. However, remember that the type of UTE tray that you select can make a huge difference in enhancing the functionality. There are certain key factors that you need to consider before deciding about the UTE trays, which only professionals of the field can inform you about.

Therefore, if your use doesn’t come pre-installed with the UTE tray, and you want to add one then go through these helpful tips. These tips have been devised by our professional experts and will help you choose the right tray that fits your truck’s size and adds more space and value to the vehicle along with offering years of stress-free service.

1. Size

One of the most important factors, when choosing the correct tray for your ute, is its size. You need to make sure that it’s large enough to hold all of the tools you need to carry. However, you don’t want to waste space and you need to make sure your ute is capable of the tray size. First, take an inventory of all the tools you need for your jobs. This will help you estimate the size requirements of the tray you need. The last thing you need is to buy a tray, have it installed, only to find out it doesn’t meet your maximum size requirements.

2. The Weight Factor

A majority of buyers overlook this important factor of weight of the tray, which otherwise should be the second aspect after size to check out for. The Ute Trays can come in a variety of weights, and the tray’s weight will impact your truck’s fuel efficiency greatly. Apart from the tray, do think about the weight of your tools to get an aggregate weight of the full load after installing the new UTE tray. This means, the heavier the tray after full load, the lesser fuel economy your vehicle will offer.

Therefore, the type, size and shape of the goods you plan to carry will hugely influence the practicality and fuel economy aspect of your vehicle and this is why the weight factor should be considered when making the selection of UTE trays. Choose the one that offers adequate space for accommodating all your goods and equipment securely and properly.

3. Internal Space

Your job will require certain size tools to do your job properly. This is why the internal space available in your ute tray or toolbox is crucial. The size and quantity of your tools will dictate your requirements for a proper size tray.

4. Rust Proofing

Steel ute trays are extremely durable, however, compared to aluminium ones, they are much heavier and suffer from rust. If you are leaning toward choosing steel ute trays, you’ll need to consider having them protected against rust.

5.Manufacturing Materials

Usually, you will find Ute Trays made from alloy, aluminium or steel and your choice between these materials will mostly depend upon your needs and requirements along with your lifestyle. For your information, aluminium UTE trays are the cheapest option among all materials. These tend to be lighter in weight as well. On the other hand, steel trays are more resilient, strong, and tough. Alloy UTE trays are very attractive physically but aren’t as reliable as steel or aluminium when it comes to the life and longevity of the tray.

Do select the material that suits the weight and type of the things/objects you intend to carry in it as well as your personal preferences. For example, steel is a material that makes the tray extremely robust in its structure and therefore, it is a perfect option if you have to carry heavy objects like industrial or construction goods. Moreover, while selecting the suitable material, don’t forget to think about your sense of style. The powder-coated alloy trays are usually available in matte black only while the aluminium trays are available in shiny grey.

6. Lifting Points

If you will need to move your ute toolbox between vehicles, make sure you take into consideration the overall weight, including the tools inside. For this reason, you need to make sure the ute toolbox you choose has “lifting points” installed. Lifting points are where the manufacturer suggests you lift your toolbox to minimize the chance of personal injury and damage to the toolbox.

7. Seals and Locks

The importance of a tight-fitting closure on your ute toolbox or tray can’t be stressed enough. It’s crucial to make sure the seals and locks close securely, tightly and properly. This prevents water from seeping into your toolbox and ruining your tools over time. A secure seal and lock also protect your valuable tools from being stolen or damaged.

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