Masonry work is among those home improvement skills that few homeowners try to master. Drywall, electrical, pipes, and painting get most of the do-it-yourself attention, while masonry is typically hired to knowledgeable masons.

Diy masonry work can be imaginative and highly gratifying. And aside from the pleasure of seeing a task well done, one of the excellent features of doing masonry work is that its tools and products are standard, inexpensive, and simple to comprehend.

As befits a trade that has been in existence since the days of ancient Egypt, masonry work utilizes common products like crushed stone and limestone from the earth and easy metal shaping tools. Expect you are interested in do-it-yourself masonry for fireplaces, walls, planters, or practically anything that uses brick or stone. In that case, you’ll want to invest in a standard set of masonry tools and materials. For monumental stonemasonry tools and equipment, hop over to these guys.

brown and gray concrete brick wall

Mason’s Hammer

When it comes to stone masonry tools, this is the essential place to start. That flat end is utilized like other traditional hammers, for hammering in nails.

Wire Brush

As we just mentioned, after using your hammer, you typically will have crumbs of concrete or rock chips in your work zone that requires you to get cleaned up away. The sharp end of your hammer can be used in a pinch, but on a bigger scale, you’re better off utilizing a wire brush.

Power Saw

Masonry cutting tools are important to cut through difficult materials like brick. Many masons use a circular saw with a diamond blade due to the toughness.

Levelling Tool

In masonry, having precise positioning on vertical and horizontal lines is vital. This is where levels are available in. There are a couple of methods to do this, both the most common alternatives are the spirit level. This plastic/wood tool has a tube with an air bubble inside.

Margin Trowel

A margin trowel is a long, thin trowel utilized for loading percentages of mortar on stone and spreading it. Margin trowels are utilized with narrow masonry systems such as a made stone veneer in order to prevent spilling excess mortar over the sides of the veneer systems. Margin trowels, while not proper for every masonry task, areas near to a universal trowel as you can get.

V- or Square- Notch Trowel

The workhorse of masonry jobs, the v- or square-notch trowel is large and has two sides that are straight and another 2 sides that are notched. These notches can either be square or V-shaped, and they act essentially as a metered system for giving mortar across a flat surface such as cement board.

Cold Chisel

A cold sculpt has a large, flat head that is perfectly developed for slicing bricks or veneer stone in half with a blow from a hammer.

Brick Hammer Or Mason’s Hammer

You require a hammer for masonry work, and you should never utilize a carpenter’s hammer.


Utilized for squaring but when additional strength requires to be applied.

Plug Drill

This tool allows holes to be produced by rotating between hammer strikes.


A hammer is used to strike a chisel or other carry out to cut and form the stone.

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