Education is an important part of our lives; it helps us gain knowledge and skills to prepare us for the future. Little Angels Childcare Baulkham Hills is one of the most recognizable names in education merchandise, with its broad range of toys tailored to suit children from birth to eight years old. The Learning Centre even has a section for “Big Kids” up to the age of 12 with their Campus series. The Learning Centre has been developing educational toys and games since 1976 in order to help children develop skills they will need as adults. Learning Centre’s dedication to helping children learn is evident with their wide range of Toys and Learning Resources. Learning Centre’s range of Learning Toys, Learning Furniture and Learning Games are perfect for homes, schools and nurseries. 

The Learning Centre is a great place to take your kids. There are so many different activities inside over 3 floors that it can be difficult to pinpoint what’s best about the centre, but after thorough consideration, we’ve come up with eight of our favourite things.

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8 Best Things :

1) Learning Media Centres – The Learning Centre has modern computers where kids can learn how to use the Internet and type. This, in combination with the Learning Encyclopaedia that is included with admission, makes for a very educational experience.

2) Interactive Learning Wall – If your kids need something more hands-on then they can head over to this wall and learn how to do different things like pretend play and arts and crafts. The wall includes plush animals, books, crayons and painting tools.

3) Learning Disco – Learning to dance is fun for kids! The Learning Centre knows this and has included one of their first floors with a wall designed to make dancing on top of it as easy as possible. There are balloons on the floor that can be tossed around on top of the wall and a fun dance floor.

4) Learning Theatre – Learning to read can be difficult, but Learning Centre has made this much easier for parents with the Learning Theatre, which is a great place to sit around and watch animated stories. There are comfy chairs all around and special effects make this enjoyable for kids as well as adults.

5) Learning Cafe – Learning Centre is a great place to have a birthday party. They have a special Learning Cafe where kids can enjoy drinks and eats while also playing some of the Learning Centres games. 

6) Learning Kitchen – Learning to cook is important but, as adults know, it isn’t always easy for kids. Learning Centre has solved this problem by including Learning Kitchen where kids can use pretend food without having to worry about cleaning up. The Learning Centre also lets you bring in your own meals for kids that are picky eaters or who have allergies.

7) Learning Shop – Learning Centre is a great place to go if you want your kids to learn with certain toys but don’t want to buy them. The Learning Centre has a Learning Shop, which is a large room filled with tacky toys that your kids will love while you can take a break from spending money.

8) Learning Mail – Learning Centre is a huge place and parents need to be able to get in touch with their kids when they’re there. Learning Centre solves the problem by having Learning Mail, a service that lets parents and kids exchange electronic messages while you’re there. Learning Centres also has Learning Express, which is basically Learning Mail but for older kids.

The Learning Centre is a great place to take your kids if they need some learning in their life. In this world where everything is constantly changing, it can be nice to have a place where you know the rules and expectations.

That’s right! The Early Learning Centre has a lot of great things going for it. Here are 8 important reasons why going there should be at the top of your list when thinking about places to visit with your little one.