Copywriting Secrets – What Makes a Great Sales Copy?

Copywriting Secrets is an eBook that teaches you very effective copywriting techniques. Which means that this e-book teaches you how to obtain outstanding results right now. If you’ve ever tried to compose email, ad and sales letters for a company before without success. Want more sales, less efforts, even more conversions. Copywriting is the key. You need to master it if you want your online business to become a success.

What makes Copywriting Secrets Books such a great read is that it walks you through step by step through the entire process of copywriting so that you know exactly what to do and how to do it. In fact, most of the book is dedicated to explaining the entire process of creating any kind of sales copy, including email, ad and sales letter. The book starts off with a three-step system, “Bolt”, “Bank”, and “Call”. These are very simple concepts, but they’re incredibly powerful in increasing your conversion rate.

Once you’ve created your” Bolts” you need to focus on the third step and that’s building “banks”. Banks are where you will store your leads for future sales. For example, if you’re an online company and you’re looking for someone to market to who lives in another state, you could set up a Facebook ad and have thousands of people in that state interested in what you’re selling. If you had a well-thought out copywriting secrets book like Copywriting Secrets, you could tell them to create a Facebook page with their state, name and phone number and have a large number of people interested in them immediately. This is a very powerful way to use social media and boost your conversion rates on the first promotion.

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