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Present sure the defense underpins your motherboard’s structure factor, and that it has a sizeable motherboard plate and PSU cover in case you’re worried about concealing links and keeping things flawless.
At that point, at long last, check the measurements. It’s horrible purchasing an incredible case on the off chance that it won’t fit in your proposed space.
Build It Up 
Before you collect, ensure you have an attractive screwdriver set – they make it far simpler to recover maverick screws.
Introduce your memory and M.2 SSDs into your motherboard before you place the motherboard into the case. Put the CPU in already, as well, however be cautious and don’t use with heaps of power: AMD chips have delicate pins, while Intel chips lay on their attachments.
When the CPU is in, its securing instrument will easily swing set up – you won’t need to constrain anything. Make sure to apply warm glue to the CPU if your cooler doesn’t as of now have it.
Likewise recollect that memory sticks click once they’re introduced effectively.
Introduce the back IO shield before the motherboard – it’s another segment that fits properly – and screw the motherboard standoffs into place. These are the bronze pins that hold the motherboard.

Screw the motherboard into place, at that point space the PSU in. When that is done, you’ll have the option to course control links. Be cautious here, on the grounds that a portion of the links are modest and append to delicate pins – don’t be reluctant to take as much time as is needed and counsel the manual.




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